Sheriff's Department

Each South Carolina County has a sheriff's department, although two counties, Charleston and Horry, have a county police department. In these two counties the Sheriff's duties do not include Law Enforcement. The county sheriff is an elected official provided for under the state constitution and, as such, has complete authority over the employment and discharge of his or her personnel. The county council or administrator/manager exercises some general control over the sheriff through the enforcement of general county rule and procedures within the department while the council has budgetary oversight of the sheriff's office. The sheriff is responsible for carrying out court orders, and protecting life and property in the county.

The sheriff usually operates the county jail (a short-term sentence and holding facility), although some counties have elected to employ an appointed jail administrator who reports directly to county council. Some counties operate combined jails/prisons through the sheriff's department. Prisons are designed for long-term detention.

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