Aviation Week

August 17-23, 2014

Watch and listen to personal stories about how aviation positively impacts the general public:

When many of our South Carolina citizens think about their local airport, they may think it is the equivalent of an aerial yacht club, operating for the benefit of a few private pilots. While it is true our local airports do provide a base for private and recreational pilots, these airports offer so much more. Much of the activity you see around your local airport is business related. For example, a local plant owner may be flying his or her employees to a business meeting. They are able to take off on their own schedule. When their meeting is over, they fly back to the local airport. They fly direct with no connecting flights, which helps them to stay on schedule. In other words, they are using the local airport to generate economic activity and at the same time enhance their own productivity by using General Aviation airplanes. Your local airport also serves as a base for law enforcement, medical, and government activity as well as supporting travel and tourism activities. These users of the airport buy fuel, pay hangar rent, spend money for maintenance of their airplanes, and pay significant property tax to the respective counties. Airports make major contributions to the economic activity in the counties and cities where they are located. 

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