Vehicle Registration

If you have moved, you must contact the SCDMV (South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle) to change the address on your registration. 

Decals are issued by the DMV, and mailed the to address on your registration.

South Carolina law provides for a pro-rata refund on the taxes paid on a vehicle, if the vehicle is sold prior to the renewal of the registration.

The procedure for qualifying for a refund on a vehicle tax requires the taxpayer to turn in the license plate and registration to the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles. On surrendering the license plate, registration card and notifying the County Auditor, the refund process will be put into motion. Effective August 1994, a taxpayer moving out of the State of SC can receive a refund when proof of re-registration in another state, SC license plate and registration are returned to the SC DMV, that documentation is submitted to the Auditor, along with the taxpayer's copy of the paid tax receipt.